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Fixed Income Securities

AAM offers unlimited access to the bond markets as well as simple and efficient trading support.

Bonds represent the largest asset class in the world. The most affluent investors demand them and the most successful advisors rely on them to expand their market opportunity. However, the fixed income markets require insight and decisive action to capitalize on attractive issues and yield opportunities. Formerly Fixed Income Securities (FIS), Advisors Asset Management (AAM) has been deeply rooted in the fixed income markets for almost 30 years. We provide advisors with unlimited access to the bond markets as well as simple and efficient trading support, including assistance with bids and offers. Additionally, advisors are able to view competitive offerings, including our own inventory utilizing our intuitive online offering system. Our website combined with our market insight can help enhance the value you provide your clients by broadening your existing platform with competitive pricing and exclusive investment opportunities.

AAM Capital Markets Group
AAM’s Capital Markets Group (CMG) is flexible, responsive and directly in tune with the markets. Comprised of seasoned taxable and municipal fixed income traders, the CMG works closely with your dedicated Support Team to provide competitive offerings, ongoing support and timely sales ideas. Our long-standing relationships and economies of scale allow us to establish and maintain an attractive inventory of securities that gives you the opportunity to capitalize on pricing, yields and quality issues.

By logging into our website, advisors can view our extensive line of offerings, including: Corporates, Municipals, CMOs, Treasuries, Zeros, CDs, Structured Products and Unit Investment Trusts. Contact your AAM representative for additional information or to request access to our website. Registered professionals can also request access to our website online through the login page.

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